Saras Kumar

Saras Kumar
Conservation Impact specialist


More than a Conservation Action Plan

The South Australian Murray-Darling Basin (SAMDB) NRM Board know how important the Danggali mallee landscape is to the people that live, work and visit the area. To help protect and restore the values that all those people care about SAMDB NRM Board worked with Birdlife Australia, Australian Lands Trust and Conservation Management to bring stakeholders and Traditional Owners together to develop a landscape scale Conservation Action Plan for the area.

While managing pressures such as grazing by goats, rabbits and kangaroos are important to allow natural ecosystems to recover it is also important for them to be managed so there is sufficient vegetation for stock. Local landholders and managers, ecologists and community members brought their knowledge and expertise to develop a coordinated approach to the issue to build on previous successful programs.

The participation of Traditional Owners helped everyone understand how cultural sites can be damaged by pests and management activities. Many insights were gained through sharing ideas and everyone gained a greater appreciation of Aboriginal culture and the importance of involving Traditional Owners right from the beginning.

This Conservation Action Planning process is the start of a journey that has helped strengthen and build relationships in the area to take collective action to address the issues that affect Aboriginal people and culture, pastoralists, conservationists and the local community.

This project was supported by the SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board through funding from the NRM levies.

Mallee Diversity

Participants of the Danggali Mallee Landscape CAP stakeholder workshop

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