Our Social and Environmental Purpose

“We support community leadership to build on their strengths, weave together social, cultural, economic and environmental threads, to thrive and be sustainable”

We are really pleased that, after a lot of hard work, Conservation
Management has now been certified by Social Traders
as a social enterprise
. We have been working toward this for
some time to be able to better reflect our values as a company

social traders certified

Social Enterprises are organisations that

Purpose driven
Environmental and community benefits
Revenue from trade
Profit redistribution

In practice, this means that our purpose is written into our business rules and corporate documents and guides everything we do, and we will continue to push both our day to day work and reinvest 70% of any profits we generate toward our purpose.

Conservation Management’s reinvestment – We give back financially with direct gifts annually, or through pro-bono support – primarily to people and programs that are applying the open standards and need support to move to the next stage of the process.


We are really excited to continue to explore the opportunities to create the positive changes that this brings.

Communicating openly is important
to us and an essential part of how we work

Please feel free to read about how we reinvest into supporting people, projects and places

Shared purpose – Social and Environmental Enterprise reinvestments

Alistair Dermer

Donation – Karrkad Kanjdji Trust

At the end of each year, we ask all staff to put forward organisations they think do great work to help communities manage the places that are important to them, to be considered for an annual gift. We occupy an extremely fortunate space in conservation – we don’t rely directly on government or even philanthropic funds.
Alistair Dermer

Certified Social Enterprise

Since establishment in 2012, Conservation Management has been working towards certification as a Social Enterprise. Now in 2018 we have achieved our goal and are certified as a Social Enterprise by Social Traders Australia. Operating as a Social Enterprise pervades all aspects of our work and interactions.

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