Using the best tools – Conservation Management is an active user
and proponent of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation,
and it’s main local variation Healthy Country Planning.

We are also active users of the Miradi and Miradi Share tools
that support the process.

The Open Standards, as they are known, have been developed over
many years by conservation practitioners from many organisations,
including Conservation Management, to “help teams be systematic
about planning, implementing, and monitoring their conservation
initiatives so they can learn what works, what does not work,
and why – and ultimately adapt and improve their efforts.”

best tools
best tools

The Open Standards are maintained by the Conservation Measures
and supported by the Conservation Coaches Network.

They, and all their supporting materials, are produced under Creative Commons licensing which means they are freely available to anyone who wants them and wants to work with them.

Many of the Conservation Management team are also Conservation Coaches, and are part of the Australian franchise of the Coaches Network. Coaches work with teams to help them develop and implement their plans, as well as train others to also become coaches.

If you are interested in being trained in the Open Standards, or becoming a Coach, keep an eye out on the Coaches website for announcements about training opportunities, or get in touch with us.

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