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Stuart Cowell

There’s an important movement taking shape across Canada

Without doubt the smell of the spruce-bough floor of our wall tent made for one of my most memorable camping experiences. That and the small wood-fired stove – never had a tent with one of those before. Oh, and the huge and comfortable sleeping bags. Or it could be the frozen solid tube of toothpaste – minus 30 degrees celsius overnight will do that.
Adam Pennington

On-country burning, mapping and planning with Oak Valley Land Management

Led by Oak Valley Land Management, over 50 people participated in a highly successful on-country activity that ambitiously integrated traditional burning, cultural mapping and site visitation with planning for the future of the highly diverse Maralinga Tjarutja Lands in central northwest South Australia.
Alistair Dermer

Feral cat monitoring – Lungtalanana

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Community, through the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, has been undertaking a monitoring program of feral cats at Lungtalanana (Clarke Island) in the Furneax group, north east tip of Tasmania. Since 1997 the TAC has managed Lungtalanana for the benefit of the island, its natural values, and for the Aboriginal Community who continue to visit, learn, share and grow with the island and all its wonders.
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