• Generational Change

    Spinifex Land Management are implementing their Healthy Country Plan involving Elders, Rangers and Youth to capture and share knowledge for their future opportunities.

  • Return to Country

    Healthy Country Planning is best done where people can see the values that are important to them and identify threats that need to be addressed.

  • Being On Country

    Remote area work comes with challenges and great opportunities. It takes unique skills and knowledge to care for these important places.

  • Creating Opportunity

    Our plans are all about actions – we provide implementation services to help you find the right people, build capacity and get the jobs done.

  • Shared Knowledge

    Our Healthy Country and Open Standards training and facilitation services build your capacity to drive your own projects and link with our broad support network.

  • Becoming Involved

    Join us and our network to share your skills and knowledge to see positive change happen.

Conservation Management - positive change in social and environmental places

Conservation Management believes that positive conservation impact comes from people actively managing natural resources, which in turn helps the community who live within that landscape.
We support this by connecting people, projects and places, and using practical adaptive management and collaboration tools. Download our Suite of Services brochure here.

What's New

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    CCNet Rally HCP 2018

    Registrations are open for a 3-day Healthy Country Planning Training workshop from Friday 27th of April to Sunday 29th of April 2018, in Blackheath, New South Wales, Australia. The workshop is being held in conjunction with the Conservation Coaches Network Rally 2018 in the Blue Mountains, NSW.
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    'Properly looking after Country'

    "Doing a course (on Healthy Country Planning) gives me a better understanding of how to go forward in implementing a plan that suits us, in order to incorporate cultural knowledge with western science. Going forward in how we properly look after country." Warren Barunga, Dambimangari Aboriginal Corp, WA.
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    First Nation’s team in Canada captures purpose of Healthy Country Planning

    First Nation from Canada recently came together with staff from The Nature Conservancy, workshop facilitators, and Conservation Management in Stanley Park, Vancouver.  At the end of the week, teams were asked to write down what they had learnt about Healthy Country Planning.
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    Marditja Banjima bush plants, foods & medicines

    The Marditja Banjima Rangers and Elders have based themselves at the Karijini Eco-Retreat in the Pilbara Region of WA to study local native plants for bush foods and medicinal uses. The Karijini on-country trip was planned by the Marditja Banjima Rangers to gain and share knowledge from their Elders about native plants, food and medicine.  Conservation Management Director, David Whitelaw is currently overseeing the Banjima Country Management team’s implementation of their Banjima Yurlubajagu Strategic Plan.
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    Bunuba people move toward joint management

    Traditional land management practices and the sharing of ecological knowledge will lead the way toward a positive future and better health of country and community. To achieve this, the Bunuba People of the Central West Kimberley and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Parks and Wildlife) with support from the Kimberley Land Council and Conservation Management, worked together in 2016 towards both a Joint Management Agreement (JMA) and Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA). Conservation Management helped facilitate the process, working with all parties including Bush Heritage Australia and other regional NGOs to build a partnership platform around Bunuba’s Healthy Country Plan. Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation continues to work with all parties in the development of their healthy country plan, with Conservation Management currently providing communications and design support for the completion of the plan product.
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    Westernport Priority Zone Plan finalised by Trust for Nature

    Trust For Nature, Victoria’s dedicated private land conservation body, have finalised the ‘Westernport Priority Zone Plan.’ This plan, the second in a series of three, is an important part of the Trust for Nature’s strategic planning and on-ground conservation work on the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas and Westernport Bay. This ‘Bays and Islands’ landscape contains approximately 25 000 hectares of inadequately protected native vegetation, most of which is considered threatened and provides important habitat for vulnerable species. The plan was drafted with the help of Conservation Action Planning (CAP) workshops, based on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, and facilitated by Conservation Management.
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