Saras Kumar

Saras Kumar
Conservation Impact specialist


Kingoonya NRM district leading the way

What do we need to do to keep on top of weeds? What do we do about tracks that affect the flow of water? What can pastoral properties do to continue being productive under these challenging conditions? These were some of the questions the Kingoonya NRM group were asking and hearing when they brought local community and industry members together to review and adapt the Kingoonya District NRM Action Plan.


Pastoralists, mining representatives, private conservation reserve managers, NRM Group members and Natural Resources South Australian Arid Lands (SAAL) staff spent a day in Roxby Downs sharing their knowledge and listening to their neighbours to understand and decide what are the priorities in their district and what to do about them.

Everyone is concerned about the sustainability of the pastoral industry under current conditions and the ability to adapt to changing conditions. Using the participants knowledge and experience the group developed a roadmap for pastoral property management under challenging conditions. The NRM Group will continue to work on how this, and other priorities, can be implemented.

This project was supported by the SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board.

Developing a “road map” for the Kingoonya NRM District

Workshop participants

Predator proof fence at Arid Recovery in the Kingoonya NRM District

Bettongs have done extremely well in Arid Recovery

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