Stuart Cowell

Stuart Cowell


Open Standards / Healthy Country planning workshop Feb 2019

The recently held training course in Planning and adaptive management for protected areas was run out of Poatina, Tasmania in early February.  Healthy Country Planning (HCP) is based on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation and is helping link conservation projects globally.

We are always honoured by the attendance of so many professionals from both local and interstate regions and value the resultant interactions and knowledge sharing.

This years’ case study was the Liffey Valley and we were thrilled to be joined by Bob Brown at Oura Oura on the Thursday to share some wisdom and explain how the interface between wilderness and production is so important, thanks Bob. We also extend a special thanks to Bush Heritage Australia and the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.

This is a Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration (PALRC) program - Managed by Conservation Management, the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

Oura Oura

Bob Brown sharing wisdom

Bob Brown sharing wisdom

Participants enjoying the beauty of Oura Oura

Participants, facilitators and Bob Brown

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