Saras Kumar

Saras Kumar
Conservation Impact specialist


WWF-Malaysia go full circle

The independent evaluation of WWF-Malaysia’s Peninsular Malaysia Terrestrial Conservation Programme conducted by Conservation Management is part of their commitment to review, learn and improve so that long-term and sustainable conservation impact can be achieved.

Using the WWF adaptation of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation has assisted them in working with stakeholders and partners to achieve many significant outcomes in this phase including:

  • The Royal Belum State Park is the first in South East Asia to achieve Conservation Assured Tiger Standards (CA|TS) certification
  • The partnership between Sime Darby Foundation and the Perak State Parks Corporation initiated by WWF-Malaysia has put more boots on the ground to protect tigers
  • and the inaugural Journey of Water showcased where our precious water comes from, how it’s used and how to make sure there is enough water for all in the future.

This evaluation closes the adaptive management cycle with WWF-Malaysia using the evaluation findings and recommendations to improve the next phase of the Peninsular Malaysia Terrestrial Conservation Programme.

Setiu Team reviewing results chains

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