Dave Whitelaw

Dave Whitelaw


Northern Territory NRM Plan


The aim of this project is to get the NT NRM Plan ‘off the shelf’ and being utilised as a ‘living’ process allowing stakeholders to measure progress and adapt actions towards a shared vision and agreed targets.

The review will develop four regional implementation plans across the NT utilising Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (the Open Standards) as a planning tool to support regional planning and to scale this up to the NT-Wide Strategic INRM plan. The Open Standards, and supporting tools, have been identified by TNRM as a useful way to standardise this process and assist regional coordinators and regional stakeholders with their NRM activities.

Northern Territory NRM Plan meeting


Conservation Management has been engaged to achieve this, the following is the general approach proposed:

  • Develop general Open Standards-based planning and implementation framework for TNRM
  • Using existing plans, prepare materials for stakeholder consultation, including workshops, that focuses on prioritisation and implementation.
  • Run a number of regional forums to review existing material and prioritise Strategies
  • Use the results to develop a Territory NRM Implementation Plan, including clear measures of success and approaches to reporting on these
  • Provide advice on the integration of Miradi with the TNRM operational systems.
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