Stuart Cowell

Stuart Cowell


Banjima Yurlubajagu Strategic Plan


Conservation Management have been working with the Banjima community in the Pilbara region of Western Australia since 2014 to produce their own healthy country plan.  

Banjima Yurlubajagu refers to the lands of the Banjima and with their strategic plan completed, our focus is turning towards implementation and creating a Banjima ranger program based in Tom Price.  Conservation Management director, Dave Whitelaw has been working closely with elders to spread the word and share Banjima’s vision for looking after country into the future.  This has involved many meetings with Banjima partners to discuss the establishment of Banjima Country Management, a new community-based organisation to be set-up by Banjima to host the ranger program and implement their country and culture strategies.


Stage one completed to develop Banjima’s healthy country plan.

Stage two underway to support new governance and funding arrangements to establish Banjima Country Management, the Banjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation’s country and culture business unit for implementation of the Banjima Yurlubajagu Strategic Plan.

Stage three pending to directly support all elements of Banjima Country Management operations to effectively implement the Banjima Yurlubajagu Strategic Plan strategies and including to monitor, evaluate and report progress to all stakeholders

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