Leah Feuerherdt

Leah Feuerherdt


Income for country – purpose driven partnership

In 2019, Conservation Management’s Dave Whitelaw and GreenCollar’s Dave Moore were yarning after a busy day of meetings and shared a lightbulb moment.

By our two organisations working together, big impacts can be achieved without compromising each purpose driven enterprises values.

Both Dave’s were keen to see change on a BIG, landscape-scale for environmental markets and people managing country.

Climate change and poor land management practices, across large tracts of the country are increasingly causing problems that no one organisation or government can fix.  Significant and long-term change is required to turn country from unhealthy to healthier, and to achieve this better outcome, more active land and sea management with more consistent income is needed.

GreenCollar is one of Australia’s largest environmental markets investors and project developers and want to see regenerative approaches to managing land, water and biodiversity and to build sustainable futures for our environment, people and economies.  And, all of us at Conservation Management believe that positive conservation impact comes from people actively managing natural resources, which in turn helps the community who live within that landscape.

Carbon farming provides opportunities for landowners to generate long-term income from their country by looking after their land and waters in the right way by improving growth and health of natural resources like native trees, grasses, water sources, and reducing the impact of introduced animals and weeds.

To drive the best environmental outcomes from these land management activities, GreenCollar have partnered with Conservation Management to formalise engagement with traditional owners, ensuring the carbon projects align with Indigenous healthy country aspirations.

Traditional owners will be empowered through healthy country planning and joining in the partnership to actively engage with carbon projects on their country.  Key benefits will include employment opportunities and a 25-year income stream to assist them realise their aspirations for looking after country.

This BIGGER partnership supports our shared values of enduring positive landscape scale impact, while empowering local people; applying deep listening, respect and purpose.


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