Alistair Dermer

Alistair Dermer


Rangers and community working together for a healthy future

Prior to each meeting and meal, we participated in a prayer and acknowledgment of those past, present and future. A powerful process that brought spirit and respect to all proceedings.

The Centre for Appropriate Technology and Conservation Management are in the process of supporting the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) to develop and deliver a community-based approach to update the Masigalgal Working on Country Plan in the Torres Strait.

Known as Masig (Yorke Island), this small coral cay with a population of 270 people is situated in the north-east of the Torres Strait between Cape York and Papua New Guinea.

We arrived on Masig on the Tuesday morning via charter flight out of Horn Island.  Once signed into the Council to receive our permit that outlined community and cultural protocols, we meet up with their Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC).

The conversation with the PBC was focussed on the process we intended to follow with community and Rangers; allowing time to apply feedback and receive endorsement of the co-designed process.   

Wednesday and Thursday involved the review of key elements of the past WoC plan, while collecting information for the future plan.  This included conversations about current values, goals, threats, objectives, indicators and activities.  The updated WoC plan will continue to guide the work of Masig Rangers into the future.

It’s a privilege to work with such a diverse and accomplished group of people on such an important project. 

Mangroves off east coast at high tide.

Andre Grant – Centre for Appropriate Technology.

Rangers and TSRA Staff working together.

Community leaders and Rangers discussing the process and details.


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