Alistair Dermer

Alistair Dermer


Li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Country Rangers

Located in the heart of the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Country Rangers have been operating since 2003 and have large areas of country recognised as Indigenous Protect Areas. Evolving from an initial 2 rangers to now 16 and are leaders within their community.

The Sea Country Rangers manage 6 vessels, all capable of delivering on-country (sea) operational support and assisting targeted activities. Additional to their work within their ranger programs, they work in partnership with various government agencies including Fisheries, the Police and the Parks and Wildlife Service.

Recent activities have included dugong research, feral cat control, fisheries officer training and patrols, and a review of their planning, monitoring, reporting and improvement plan and framework (MERI).

Conservation Management has been working with the Sea Country Rangers since May and, in partnership with Environmental Systems Solutions (ESS), will be supporting the next phase of the adaption of their sea country program.

This will include ongoing operational support, including a refreshed data management system and associated field collection tools, linked to up-dated action and monitoring plans within a broader leadership framework. This will ensure that when actions are completed and information is collected, it is assessed, reviewed and improved continually.

Photo taken by Alistair Dermer

Photo taken by Alistair Dermer

Li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Country Rangers with Alistair Dermer from Conservation Management and Steve Wealands from Environmental Systems Solutions.

Photo taken by Steve Wealands 

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