Stuart Cowell

Stuart Cowell


Introducing our new Director

Conservation Management continues to seek out the best people who bring a variety of skills, experience, networks and perspectives to our team. We deliver tailored support for the organisations and communities we work with. This helps them to get the necessary resources and implement the right actions to improve the health of their landscapes.

As we grow, we need a diverse team of leaders in Conservation Management so we can continue to innovate and collaborate. We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and measure our impact against nine of the seventeen goals.

The Gender Equality goal is important because without equality we’re all missing out on what fifty percent of the population could bring to the world.

Conservation Management was founded by three men who have worked hard to build a supportive culture of learning and improvement thus attracting outstanding women to the team.

Message from Saras: 

I joined Conservation Management in 2018 because it matched my values and I could see how being a part of the team would help me achieve my purpose. To take the next step in our shared journey I have accepted the offer to become a director so I can use my experience of working with different cultures and landscapes in the UK, Asia and Australia for greater impact.

I look forward to my new role in driving us forward as a social enterprise that contributes to a fair and sustainable world and hope that we will set an example for others to follow.

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