Saras Kumar

Saras Kumar
Conservation Impact specialist


Evaluation of WWF Malaysia Program

The Peninsular Malaysia Terrestrial Conservation Program, WWF (World Wildlife Fund)-Malaysia, are fulfilling a critical stage of their journey to healthier landscapes by funding an independent evaluation for the first phase of their programme. This will focus on achievements to date, as well as recommendations for the next stage of activity.

Conservation Management have been contracted to run this evaluation using the Open Standards framework, with Saras Kumar heading up the team.

One of the areas within the scope of the programme is the Northern Banjaran Titiwangsa, containing one of three priority areas for the Malayan tiger in Peninsular Malaysia. Another region includes the diverse and significant Setiu wetlands, in the northeastern state of Terengganu.

The evaluation will include ‘in country’ visits to talk to people on the ground to understand the lessons learnt, new results chains, and identification of a path forwards.

Congratulations to the Peninsular Malaysia Terrestrial Conservation Programme of WWF-Malaysia for their commitment in protecting these important parts of the world.

Image by Kok Cze Jhin

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