Dave Whitelaw

Dave Whitelaw


Bunuba people move toward joint management

Traditional land management practices and the sharing of ecological knowledge will lead the way toward a positive future and better health of country and community. To achieve this, the Bunuba People of the Central West Kimberley and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Parks and Wildlife) with support from the Kimberley Land Council and Conservation Management, worked together in 2016 towards both a Joint Management Agreement (JMA) and Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA).

Conservation Management helped facilitate the process, working with all parties including Bush Heritage Australia and other regional NGOs to build a partnership platform around Bunuba’s Healthy Country Plan.

Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation continues to work with all parties in the development of their healthy country plan, with Conservation Management currently providing communications and design support for the completion of the plan product.

Conservation Management already has active communications, and provides a support role, for the Bunuba Ranger program. This relationship began with the facilitation of Healthy Country training in 2014, and continues with ongoing coordination, mentoring and knowledge sharing activities.

Conservation Management also works to support Bunuba by delivering conservation services to Bush Heritage Australia, a conservation organisation in partnership with Bunuba.

Bush Heritage Australia contracted Conservation Management to work in consultation with Bunuba rangers and community to design their healthy country plan, logo and a seasonal calendar.

Images by Ross Kermode


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