• Generational Change

    Spinifex Land Management are implementing their Healthy Country Plan involving Elders, Rangers and Youth to capture and share knowledge for their future opportunities.

  • Return to Country

    Healthy Country Planning is best done where people can see the values that are important to them and identify threats that need to be addressed.

  • Being On Country

    Remote area work comes with challenges and great opportunities. It takes unique skills and knowledge to care for these important places.

  • Creating Opportunity

    Our plans are all about actions – we provide implementation services to help you find the right people, build capacity and get the jobs done.

  • Shared Knowledge

    Our Healthy Country and Open Standards training and facilitation services build your capacity to drive your own projects and link with our broad support network.

  • Becoming Involved

    Join us and our network to share your skills and knowledge to see positive change happen.

Conservation Management - positive change in social and environmental places

Conservation Management believes that positive conservation impact comes from people actively managing natural resources, which in turn helps the community who live within that landscape.
We support this by connecting people, projects and places, and using practical adaptive management and collaboration tools. Download our Suite of Services brochure here.

WE are doing it

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    Keeping Special Places Special - Learning Workshops

    Planning and adaptive management for protected areas using the Open Standards. Registrations are now open for five-day Open Standards / Healthy Country Planning workshops in the;• Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area (Monday 26th - Friday 30th June 2017). • Daintree National Park Wet Tropics World Heritage Area (Monday 10th - Friday 14th July 2017). Using a well-proven adult learning approach, this intensive live-in course will give people a good understanding of how these tools can be directly used in their own work.
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    Banjima Yurlubajagu Strategic Plan

    Brief Conservation Management have been working with the Banjima community in the Pilbara region of Western Australia since 2014 to produce their own healthy country plan.   Banjima Yurlubajagu refers to the lands of the Banjima and with their strategic plan completed, our focus is turning towards implementation and creating a Banjima ranger program based in Tom Price.  Conservation Management director, Dave Whitelaw has been working closely with elders to spread the word and share Banjima’s vision for looking after country into the future.  This has involved many meetings with Banjima partners to discuss the establishment of Banjima Country Management, a new community-based organisation to be set-up by Banjima to host the ranger program and implement their country and culture strategies.
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    UMEC Wunambal Gaambera Healthy Country Plan 2010 - 2020

    Conservation Management are playing an ongoing role in the success of the Wunambal Gaambera Healthy Country Plan 2010 – 2020. Having been instrumental in development of the plan in 2010, Conservation Management was again working with UMEC (Uunguu Monitoring & Evaluation Committee) in 2015 to carry out an evaluation of the planning process. This is an opportunity to assess the success of the plan, whether it’s working, are target viabilities improving, are threats being reduce etc. This process is critical to the long term success of the plan.
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    Northern Territory NRM Plan

    Brief: The aim of this project is to get the NT NRM Plan ‘off the shelf’ and being utilised as a ‘living’ process allowing stakeholders to measure progress and adapt actions towards a shared vision and agreed targets. The review will develop four regional implementation plans across the NT utilising Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (the Open Standards) as a planning tool to support regional planning and to scale this up to the NT-Wide Strategic INRM plan. The Open Standards, and supporting tools, have been identified by TNRM as a useful way to standardise this process and assist regional coordinators and regional stakeholders with their NRM activities.
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    Pila Nguru Spinifex People – Healthy Country Plan & Threatened Species Management in the Great Victoria Desert.

    Plan Completed and being implemented. The development of the Healthy Country Plan for the Spinifex Country (5.5million ha) has seen older and younger generations working together to create long term plans for management of biodiversity, ecosystem processes, threatened species and other natural values, as well as cultural values inherent in the landscape. Included in the plan was development of a works program for implementation by Pila Nguru Rangers, as agreed upon by the entire community. Such plans have been successfully developed and implemented across Northern Australia (e.g. Wunambal Gaambera Healthy Country Plan). The plan provides long-term, consistent, culturally appropriate guidance to Rangers employed through Pila Nguru’s ‘Enhancing Western Desert Biodiversity, Connectivity & Ecosystem Resilience’ project and, subsequently, Pila Nguru’s Working on Country team.
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