Dave Whitelaw

Dave Whitelaw


Banjima native title aboriginal corporation continues partnership with Conservation Management

Conservation Management continues its partnership with Banjima people and provides conservation support services to help with Banjima Country Management’s establishment in Tom Price and guide the implementation of the ranger program, as per the Banjima Yurlubajagu Strategic Plan.

Conservation Management is supporting BNTAC’s activities through:

  • Communication – keeping people informed
  • Coordination – supporting Banjima Country Management establishment
  • Implementation – helping Banjima Rangers to get going
  • Review – staying on course.

Conservation Management’s goal is to transfer knowledge and skills across to Banjima so the conservation support service functions are provided in-house and significantly lessen the engagement of external contractors over time.

This work is supported by Conservation Management’s social enterprise.

Banjima Ranger cultural heritage with elders

Banjima Rangers at Karijini Experience event.

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