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We are just like you…   

"We know the true value of unique people and their places"   

Our Conservation Management team are hand picked conservation industry professionals from across the country, ensuring the most suitably trained and experienced people deliver the necessary component of the specific project or program, to enable ongoing improvements and progress to the next stage of the conservation process. All jobs are overseen and delivered as required by the Directors of Conservation Management Pty Ltd, Stuart Cowell and David Whitelaw.

Stuart Cowell - Director

Stuart manages all healthy country plan development, strategic planning and facilitation. He has over 25-yrs experience working in various natural resources sectors nationally, in both the public and private sectors.

Stuart is an active practitioner, trainer and facilitator in Healthy Country Planning and the application of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

David Whitelaw - Director

David oversees implementation, operations, organisational risk and governance. With over 20-yrs experience managing protected area’s nationally in both the public and private sectors.

He has worked with many communities across Australia to manage infrastructure, fire, feral, and weeds program at landscape scale, and develops practical safe work procedures across various land and sea management operations.

OUR guides

Our clients needs direct us…

"Respect, confidentiality and confidence - working in the right way"

Our team and our associates understand the diversity of environments and the communities associated with them.
Having closely worked with many indigenous communities over many years, we are all aware of key protocols and the need to be respectful of cultural values. 

We know some of the information we work with may require levels of confidentiality and we have a proven ability to maintain protection of information where identified.

It is all about ensuring our clients are confident in working with us, so they can comfortably communicate their ideas, show what is most important to them and to help us best meet their needs.


A deep pool that reflects effort…

"Combining expertise, opportunity and measurable collective impacts"

We work with many like minded people and organizations.
Our key interest is to see work we help develop be sustained.
Partnership and relationship opportunities are a key part of achieving this.
We have always got our eyes, ears and minds open to identify connections that could be mutually beneficial for our clients and others.

Our collective contacts include;

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